Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So We Don't Forget... "Alone Time"

Last week I discovered Lynnette Kraft's blog Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground. Wonderful!! Like a breath of fresh air!! I've been there numerous times reading--whenever I get a chance

Anyway, she has a weekly topic on Wednesdays... "So We Don't Forget"

This weeks topic is "Alone Time". I know that most of you would think that being a wife to a "Command Man", homeschooling mom of 10 living children, grammy to an adorible grandson, office manager for our family business, sister, daughter, aunt... and
on and on and on... would
I have noticed over the years that my laundry room is a quiet refuge for the most part. And since I love multitasking, I can have my alone time and fold the clean laundry too. I have a little bucket that I sit on while I am folding. I cannot describe how my heart swells as I fold the clothing of the people I love most!! I love to pray for each one while I neatly stack their clothes in the basket asking the Lord to bless them. Husband, children, grandson, nephews, neice...

My other "alone time" is usually in the garden. Often I find myself alone when it's weeding time. :-) Hard to imagine, I know. Again I use this time for prayer and for listening to the noisy, scolding squirrels and bird songs or breathing deeply the delicious, fresh air. There are pictures in the sky to decipher and misquitoes to slap.

So, I really don't plan my alone time. It finds me. And then I'm not really alone because I usually end up inviting the Lord to spend it with me. :-)


Lynnette Kraft said...

You are precious! What a perfect post for inspiration to just be content where God has us and take those alone moments to pray for those we love and be thankful for the opportunity to fold laundry for them! I want your attitude! :)

You have a beautiful family.
Thank you for sharing today - I enjoyed my time here very much.
Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I don't really like laundry, I don't mind washing, drying and folding, but I hate ironing and putting away! I don't have a laundry room either, my washing machine is in my kitchen, so there is nowhere to be alone there! Thank you for sharing, I'm visiting from Lynette's blog.