Monday, November 3, 2008


Whoever said "The only thing constant in life is change" surely must've been looking into my life. But with a large family, I guess that's too be expected.

Son #1 and his sweet, loving wife have decided to move to our place due to the financial crunch we're experiencing. They are going to renovate our old office and a storage room to make an efficiency apartment. I'm so excited that they will be so close by. I'll be able to play with my gorgeous grandbaby more often and cook for them again (when you're already cooking for 11 it's not that hard to add a couple more servings!).

For some time now Son #2 has been praying that the Lord would give him clear direction in his life. He's kind of been hanging in the middle of nowhere what with there not being the amount of work in the area for our little family business to keep him busy enough (and thus paid enough). With that being said, he's had a lot of time off these past few months. After much prayer, the Lord has spoken to him to go over to Hawaii for awhile and stay with DH's sister and family. He is hoping to get in lots of one on one time with the Lord, work on his writing and photography and see what the Lord has in store for him there.

DH has decided that he will tag along too since he is in serious need of some time off. With business being so slow our pastor/friend office manager and Son #1 should be able to handle the workload with ease. Son #2 appears to be happy with the arrangement just as long as his dad doesn't keep him running around sightseeing all day.

They will be gone for a month and be home before Christmas. I'm not sure how we will survive with both of them being gone for so long but they both need some time off/away. I know that the Lord will enable us to manage.

It certainly will be an interesting time in our lives. That's for sure.

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